Work Package 1

WP1 will focus on effective project governance, coordination, management and reporting. The

management structure will clearly identify decision-making processes, roles and responsibilities of

all partners who accordingly, will address their duties to ensure that the project progresses in

conformity with the work plan, SUSFOOD2 rules, procedures and the Consortium Agreement with

regard to overall progress, milestones, deliverables, planned resources, monitoring of generated

results, financial aspects, logistics, internal and external communication, reporting and other

managerial issues. Unexpected situations and potential risks during project execution (either

scientific, technological or administrative) will be internally discussed and all necessary measures

will be taken to facilitate a smooth and successful project execution.

Management will be:

Flexible: its workplan will remain relevant against external events;

Strong: to ensure success;

Transparent: to ensure trust amongst partners.

Work Package 2

The objectives of this WP are:

- Test novel extraction methods (ultrasound –US-, microwave, enzymatic processing and their

combinations) for obtaining carbohydrate-rich fractions containing bioactive compounds from

seaweeds with the aim of reducing processing times and/or processing costs.

- Valorise the remaining biomass of seaweeds and seagrasses for obtaining cellulose-rich fractions

(with potential use in packaging applications) and bioactives (mainly polyphenols like phlorotannins

and bioactive carbohydrates like laminarin and fucoidin).

Work Package 3

The objectives of this WP include:

- The characterization of the extracted soluble carbohydrate-rich fractions from seaweed and

seagrass materials in terms of chemical composition, structural characteristics, rheological

properties and potential additional functionalities of non-purified extracts.

- The characterization of the extracted lignocellulosic fractions and nanocellulose from seaweed and

seagrass insoluble residues, especially in terms of structural characteristics, thermal stability and

crystallinity, which will have an impact on their subsequent performance as bio-based packaging


- The characterization of potential functionalities of extracted bioactives obtained from seaweed and

seagrass materials.

Work Package 4

The objectives of this WP are:

- Evaluate selected soluble carbohydrate-rich agar and alginate based fractions as texturizing

agents or functional additives in a range of model foods

-Evaluate selected insoluble and semi-refined carbohydrate rich fractions as functional food


- Develop bio-based packaging structures using the selected lignocellulosic fractions and

nanocellulose obtained in WP3

Work Package 5

The objectives of this WP are:

- To assess the environmental performance of the novel extraction processes studied along the


- To carry out a complete LCA analysis of the most promising fractions and the potential products or

packaging structures generated in the project

Work Package 6

The objectives of BIOCARB-4-FOOD’s communication & dissemination WP are:

- to communicate and disseminate the knowledge, which is not confidential, produced by the


- to inform all relevant stakeholders of project development and results in the best suitable way

- to raise awareness about the project itself and project results

- to keep the contact at EC level and all relevant stakeholders

- to establish a fruitful engagement with other projects and programmes reaching a broad dialogue

among different stakeholders

- to give a high visibility of the project following a corporate design approach